Welcome to David Shaffer's Photography Pages
(as of February 2010; a work in progress!)

I am a (semi!)-retired radio astronomer. If you want to see my Astronomy site, click here.

These pages show some of my photography work.  I am available for hire to take pictures like those you see throughout my site.

Click on one of the blue-gray buttons above to see a discussion about and examples of various kinds of picture taking.


Here are the pictures I used in a calandar that I made for myself.  You can get these printed at places like Staples.  They make nice personalized gifts!

I am trying to take pictures of all the kinds of wild flowers that grow naturally where I live, in the Baderville area north of Flagstaff, Arizona.  This will take a while, but to see what I have so far, go to Buds of Baderville.

Want to see how much snow we got in January 2010?  The FLagstaff area got more than four-and-a-half feet of snow in a 4-5 day period.  This is the second largest snow event on record here!  Go to my Snow2010 pages to see pictures, mostly from after the snow had finished.

If that is too much cold for you, take a look instead at the Fire2010 pictures, showing the smoke and flames that could be seen from our house from several forest fires in and around Flagstaff, Arizona in June 2010.

For 15 years, I sang with the Southern Nevada Musical Arts Society when we lived in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here are some pictures of the SNMAS 2008 Spring Concert

Some of my other interests: ham radio (my call is W8MIF), flying small airplanes, and scuba diving.

David Shaffer Photography